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Sporozoite Yike
Product list
Sporozoite Yike
Main components
Zinc sulfate heptahydrate
Heavy metal salt insecticides. Zinc ions generated by zinc sulfate in water combine with proteins of insect cells to form protein salts In addition, zinc ions are easy to combine with the thiol group of the enzyme, which is the active group of the enzyme When the ions combine, they lose their function.
Function and use
Insecticide. It is used to kill or drive away the fixed ciliates of aquaculture animals such as river crab and shrimp.
usage and dosage
Based on this product. After diluted with water, the whole pool was sprayed with water: treatment, once, 0.75 ~ LG per lm3 water body, 1.5 ~ LG per day For prevention, 0.2-0.3g per lm3 water body, once every 15-20 days.
500g/bag; 20 bags/box


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