September 11 - October 29


Saturday, Sept 9



​Playing in a league is a great way to experience competitive play, sharpen your own game and meet lots of different types of tennis enthusiasts.  Fretz Tennis Center offers a spectrum of internal leagues, and is home to a growing number of teams playing in TCD, Metro and USTA leagues.

If you are interested in playing on or being a captain for a TCD, Metro or USTA team that calls Fretz home, please send an email to

Internal leagues at Fretz run on a seven-week cycle with singles and doubles action offered for women and singles action for men.  Dates for all 2017 league sessions are posted below, as well as, information for the specific leagues running in the session getting ready to start.   To register/pay, simply click on the league type you want to participate in and complete the given forms.  League Costs: $37 per person for doubles and $50 per person for singles.  League rules: no ad scoring, standard tie break to determine winner of set, and if needed a 10 pt tie break in lieu of full third set to determine match winner.

Here's how our leagues work: There is not a set day for ladies singles and mens singles league matches to be played;  you and your opponent get to play the match on a day and time that works for the two of you.  Ladies doubles does have a set day to play; those matches are played on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm.  If your team cannot play on a Tuesday night on a specific week, then you must send an email to by 8:00 pm the previous Sunday.  At that point, you guys will have to set up a different day/time to play with your opponent that same week.  Emails sent after the deadline constitutes a win for the other team. 

Once you've set the day/time, call the pro shop at 214-670-6622 to book a court.   All matches must be played and scores submitted by 4:30 pm each Sunday.  NO EXCEPTIONS. We do not coordinate scheduling of the matches or the rescheduling if weather forces a cancellation; the players coordinate with one another.  You will be given a can of balls when you show up to play.  And as always, the winner of the league gets free entry into the next league session.  

        SESSION 1:  January 9 - February 26

        SESSION 2:  March 27 - May 14

        SESSION 3: June 12 - July 30

​        SESSION 4:  Sept 11 - October 29

          SESSION 5: Nov 6 - December 21




​Dallas' Fastest Growing Tennis Program




You will select the level of your play when registering and will play opponents of the same level.  Remember, matches must be played/scores submitted each week by 4:30 pm Sunday and cannot be carried into a different week. No exceptions


No-ad scoring
Standard tie-break to determine set winner

10-point tie break in lieu of 3rd set